Autotrade in the UK— The History of the Most Popular Car Brands

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The concept of autotrade exists in the UK since the 18th century, when the car industry started, mainly under the influence of sport and luxury brands of cars. Those interested in this filed have plenty of material to research, UK car brads making up a diverse culture and a lush history. Each famous brand came up with its own culture and traditions, one of the most prominent names that have carried on with their legacy being: Aston Martin, Bentley, McLaren and, of course, Rolls Royce.

Even so, in the late years – especially at the end of the 80’s, the auto trade concept in the UK got to be ruled by foreign brands. This happened because UK brands of cars, such as Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls Royce ended up being bought by foreign companies, such as BMW, TATA and GM. So, let us make a short brief about the history of the four famous names that have marked the UK car industry.

AutoThe Aston Martin brand was born in 1913, being founded by two men: Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. The Aston in the name comes from the Aston Clinton hill climb racing course, previously won by their Singers car model. Only later, in 1921, they designed a logo – made up by the letters “A” and “M” put together. Since now, the logo has suffered 5 changes, nowadays illustrating the wings of an eagle.
Perhaps the most resounding name in autotrade, Rolls Royce, has been always devoted to its logo, showing two “R” in a loop, depicting the name of its founders: Rolls and Royce. An option on the trademarks has later been bought by BMW, which has licensed the name and logo.

Another brand that has not only changed its logo several times, but has also changed its name is MINI. The car finally ended up to be called “MINI” in 1969, after it was previously known under the names: Austin Cooper, Morris Cooper and mini Cooper. Its current logo resembles the Aston Martin logo.
Vauxhall Motors was founded in 1857 and it is now owned by General Motors, which is an American brand. Their logo’s concept is based on the “Griffin”, a mythical creature which is half lion half eagle and it has known as many as 9 transformations.

When speaking of autotrade in UK, these are definitely the names that have made history.